Will you help Andrew escape from family violence?

Every day Andrew fears for his safety. He and his sister often have to pull their father off their mother to stop him strangling her. Sometimes they get beaten up too. Now Andrew is withdrawn and shy. What’s worse, he’s traumatised.

Nearly seven children, every HOUR of every DAY are caught up in family violence*. Battered families like Andrew’s are right on your doorstep, in your neighbourhood.

Become a Family Works Guardian Angel and see children like Andrew supported through whatever dark, hidden and hurting secrets are present in their lives. You will make life work, by helping Family Works end family violence and make New Zealand the best place to raise children.

It’s tragic when children live in fear while their parents struggle to cope with problems like poverty, inadequate housing, and unemployment. Sometimes the stress spills over into violence. You can help children like Andrew feel safe again in their home.

Being a Family Works Guardian Angel means your gift of $30 or more each month helps families like Andrew’s access the services they need.

Presbyterian Support runs Family Works services and has cared for New Zealanders in need, regardless of their beliefs, for nearly 130 years becoming one of the largest providers of social services outside of the Government.

Your support will help provide a range of social services depending on the area your region is directed:

  • Family counselling to help families resolve conflict and encourage positive family relationships

  • Play to help boys and girls work through the pain they struggle to express

  • Parenting programmes which helps  improve the skills needed to be a great parent  

  • Social workers and counsellors to walk alongside families, supporting them to make positive, lasting changes

  • Emergency food parcels and intensive budgeting support help tackle poverty.


Every child deserves to feel safe in their own home. Will you help children like Andrew get through the physical and emotional torment of abuse by becoming a Guardian Angel today?

This appeal is urgent, because many families are forced to wait for the help they desperately need today. We can break the cycle of family violence.

Please, for the sake of children like Andrew and his sister, complete the form to become a Family Works Guardian Angel today and help suffering families find strength to build a better future.


  • If the time is not right to begin monthly giving, any gift you send today will be warmly appreciated. 
  • *Statistics from Family Violence Clearinghouse Data Summaries: Snapshot June 2014. 
  • Thank you Malcolm Gordon for generously composing the Hey Neighbour song for us.
  • To protect privacy we show actors and change children's names in our advertising material.

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